MODPlay is a statically linked library for playing music in tracked music sequencer formats. Started in 2002, if my memory serves me well. The first incarnation was created to learn how to play MOD music, but it was used in quite a lot of GP32 productions. A couple of years later, I have rewritten the whole library to support MOD, S3M and XM formats.


  • As always, written in portable and efficient ANSI-C
  • Works on Intel, ARM and Hitachi SH4 platforms
  • Suports MOD, S3M and XM
  • Extendible with more formats
  • Very easily portable, compilable and usable in own applications

GIT Repository:

  • To clone modplay and build the example player along with the core modplay library, do the following steps:
    • git clone ssh://
    • cd modplay
    • cmake . -B build
    • cmake --build build