Radar Volume Explorer

RadarVolumeExplorer is a 3D visualization tool for meteorological radar data. It can visualize the scan slices in PPI mode (Flat Model), in CAPPI mode (Cartesian Model) and in Isometrical View.

How does it work?

RadarVolumeExplorer has three ways of visualizing volume datasets:

  • Flat Model:
    In this model, each azimuthal scan of the whole volume dataset is visualized as-is in 3-dimensional space, very much like a set of PPI (Plan Position Indicator) images.

  • Cartesian Model:
    In this model, RadarVolumeExplorer generates a set of CAPPI (Constant Altitute Plan Position Indicator) images at different heights above the radar position which are then visualized as-is in 3-dimensional space.

  • Isometrical Model:
    This model showcases the main reason why I wrote this program in the first place
    The isometrical model generates isosurfaces by using the Marching Cubes algorithm also used in medical imaging applications. You can generate a number of such isosurfaces with different threshold values, colors and transparencies.

Further Features