Masterlator is a Master System & Game Gear emulator project started from scratch in December 2001. Since it is written completely in ANSI C, it needs at least a Pentium II class PC to run smoothly, but it is highly portable across operating systems and processors.


  • Written completely from scratch in ANSI-C using mingw, thereby making the emulator highly portable
  • The image is zoomed in software when resizing the window to avoid the blurring effect of some gfx cards
  • Fullscreen mode, optionally stretching the image to fill the whole screen
  • Joypad support
  • SMS BIOS support
  • ZIP support by using the zlib
  • Drag'n Drop support (Win32 specific)
  • About 80% sound support (no speech yet and wrong synced noise)
  • Usage of the SDL library
  • Full battery backed RAM support, automatic loading and saving
In the future, I would like the emulator to improve as a development tool. This means that I'm planning to add a full-featured debugger and VRAM viewer.


Masterlator v0.91b source code: (1,069KB), 29th May, 2009
Masterlator v0.1b for GP32: (122KB), 29th May, 2009
Masterlator v0.07b for Win32: (181KB), 29th May, 2009