SDL2 for the Odroid-Go Ultra

SDL2-ogu is JonnyonFlame's port of SDL2 for the Odroid-Go Ultra, pre-compiled and packaged nicely. The package contains all necessary static+dynamic libraries, include files, cmake files and some example projects. It can be used to compile SDL2 applications on the device itself as well as to cross-compile them on an Ubuntu Linux PC very easily. All you need is a regular SDL2 C/C++ project with a CMakeLists.txt file.

Package contents:

  • the SDL2 include files in SDL2-ogu/SDL2/include
  • the SDL2 static (*.a) and dynamic (*.so) libraries in SDL2-ogu/SDL2/lib
  • the cmake SDL2 module file (SDL2-ogu/FindSDL2.cmake)
  • the aarch64 toolchain file (SDL2-ogu/aarch64.cmake)


SDL2-ogu 2.0.22 build 2022/12/30: SDL2-ogu_2.0.22_20221230.tar.gz (3.03MB)

GitHub Repository:

Introduction to Odroid-Go Ulra Programming using SDL2-ogu