OpenSMDI is an easy to use shared library for programmers. It offers a set of functions for receiving and sending sound samples from/to a sampler (Yamaha A3000/4000/5000, Ensoniq ASR-X Pro,..) through an SCSI connection with the SMDI protocol. It supports threaded transfers, multi-platform and multi-compiler development and expandable automatic low-level sound file format handling. OpenSMDI is free software.

Additionally, on 30-Jan-2001 a command-line frontend to OpenSMDI called smdixfer has been released.

The new v0.05b (06-Sep-2000) of OpenSMDI includes the following advantages/additions:

  • Compiler support for MS Visual C++ and Borland C++
  • The functions SMDI_SendFile and SMDI_Receive have now reached their final versions and will be compatible with future versions. Look into the manual for more details.
  • A user defined value can be passed to the callback function

Previous version history:

  • Threading under Linux
  • Support for more than one SCSI host adapter
  • Minor cleanup in the source

  • The library has been ported to Linux
  • The programmer's manual has been rewritten in HTML
  • New functions added, some structures changed
  • First version of OpenSMDI